Morningwood’s clever Viral

by alphamonkey on April 20, 2006 · 11 comments

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Power-pop/punk band Morningwood got all ingenious with promoting their single ‘Nth Degree’ with a wet t-shirt game sure to get ya all riled up.  Be sure to give it time to load fully. 

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  • Funkdaddy J

    That was unkind. Catchy tune, though. I guess that’s the reaction they wanted.

  • HeyLowPapi

    i feel so ashamed…

  • erebusrat

    The funny thing is, I turned off my speakers in the first 30 seconds because the music was annoying……

  • springmo

    Hmm not a good way to get me to buy their crappy album.

  • elphantasmo

    “crappy” is the nice way of saying it.

  • Just Plain Bob

    i heard that song on the radio a few times a while back and dug on it… any way to get the song without the game? i’d rather not deal with the explicit content, especially on my school’s network.

  • .alphamonkey.

    There isn’t any explicit content, JPB

  • Boss Robot

    wat really? I liked the song

  • daemoneyes

    I actually like the album, and the video for the song is rather amusing.

  • Boss Robot
  • Boss Robot

    Can someone help me out with submissions. I totally don’t get how to put one up. Is there like a tutorial? Sorry I’m not really good with computers

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