Someone Set Us Up the Flu Bomb

by alphamonkey on April 5, 2006 · 4 comments

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Sorry folks. It’ll be a short day as I feel like Godzilla and Orson Welles got into a monster truck pull in my skull, and Snorks are playing racquetball in my guts.  The flu is teh suck. Though out of my deep appreciation of you fine folk, I’ll share some comfort food with ya. 

Get your gander on at these clips that always make me feel a little better:

This home made animation for Perfume’s Inryoku is just about the cutest thing ever, and the song is just to die for.

Our love for the Punjabi Pop Pasha known as Daler Mehndi is no secret, and I think we’ve the video for his ridiculously awesome Tunak Tunak Tun about a dozen times over the years. Let’s go for thirteen, shall we?

Grandaddy’s beautiful Nature Anthem remains one of my favorite showcase clips, and my love isn’t even touched by the fact that the song was used in a car commercial.  Bully for them, I say.

And finally (since my brain is trying to pound it’s way out of my skull), Eddie Peabody absolutely slaying the banjo with his rendition of St. Louis Blues circa 1930. 

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  • Just Plain Bob

    HAH! Yes! When i heard Nature Anthem in that commercial i started screaming “WAIT! that was on transbuddha! WTF!” and all i got were some pretty strange looks…

  • Your Good Twin

    That Nature Anthem video is fantastic, and I love Grandaddy’s “Sumday” album, but my god.  The song has to go more places than just the chorus.  3 some odd minutes of the same bit over and over and over?  Ugh, I kept expecting them to move along, and really wanted them to because I like what’s there.  It’s like when I listen to “Fingertips” by They Might Be Giants and wish they’d make full songs for each one of those little bits.

  • that guy

    I have to agree

  • Boss Robot

    Inryoku is still one of my top fav, clips.

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