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by alphamonkey on April 20, 2006 · 7 comments

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Here’s a phenomenal video from the Japanese group, Supercar.  I’d go so far as to say it’s more a narrative short film than just a music video.  Be warned: it’s a disturbing clip (and has a brief NSFW moment), but it really feels like something Radiohead would have done back in the OK Computer days.  The text on the screen really needs to be understood in order to put the events into their proper context, so I’ve put a rundown of what’s being said in the extended section of the article. 

For the curious, this astounding clip was directed by Gen Sekiguchi of Tugboat Tokyo.

I can’t verify the veracity of this translation, as it was obtained via a google search, but here is a translation of the text in the order in which it appears

Father that I owe so much to

Mother that I owe so much to

Sister that I owe so much to




Friend’s friend

Friend’s friend’s friend

Boss at work

High-school principal

Local convienient store clerk

Cafeteria lady

Ikitsuki Family restaurant’s waitress

Nurse from hospital

First love

The taxi driver from yesterday

That foreign guy that asked me directions

The girl I did once

THe guy that did me once

That couple I see frequently

J Leager

Pet turtle

Alien I owe so much to

AV actress I owe so much to



That J-Leager from the Mariners

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  • elkciN

    Not the Pet Turtle! Bad Japan, no cookie!

    Did remind me of Radiohead…had a “Just” feel about it

  • elkciN

    Try listening to Just while you watch

    You do it to yourself, you do

    And that’s what really hurts

    Is that you do it to yourself

    Just you and no one else

    You do it to yourself

    You do it to yourself

  • l80l

    Can’t say that its like radiohead in the early days but the song was good!

  • accukrak



    Otherwise, a cool video.

    However, the soccer guy could’ve spared alot of grief if he kicked the ball right into the face of the shooter.

  • Jeremy Grey Nemo

    If anyone can link to a higher quality link of this Video that would be awesome!!

  • Boss Robot

    Tsk tsk tsk, he’s not ever gonna get it if his friends keep coming back from the dead to help him! This takes practice, no matter how many people it takes!!!

  • Dhsu

    I actually don’t know any Japanese, but from the Chinese words I could recognize, the translation seems pretty accurate.  I don’t see any reason to doubt it in any case.

    I am a little curious about the text during the scenes with his wife, though…it seems as perhaps they weren’t on the best of terms.  Does that mean he intentionally tried to miss that last shot or something?

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