Third World Farming game

by Oznog on April 19, 2006 · 4 comments

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Work hard and till the soil in this interactive game as you take on the role of a farmer in a third world country. Strive to get power ups like chickens, shovel, or plow.

Social commentary in an unwinnable game format. 

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  • that guy

    i got to 33 rounds and all i can say is thank god for chickens

  • Oznog

    “At least I have chicken”

  • HeyLowPapi

    So i made it 47 rounds and i had just managed to save up enough money to get myself a barn and i was all excited to have some cows…

    but then there was some sort of disease in my family and i was forced to sell everything… then i died…

    i just wanted some cows…

    oh, and the thing about the chickens is right. those little guys are life savers.

  • Oznog

    I lived to be 332 years before I got bored and killed myself.  I’m the Starvin Marvin version of the Highlander.

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