May 2006

Director Jonas Geir-Naert gives us a four square look at Flat Life in this 10 minute animated short.

edit: I just realized that I totally stole this post from ravingmaniac like a complete ass.  Allergy meds make me teh dumb.  Sorry, and thanks for the find. 


70’s and 80’s adverts provide great fodder for this clip from Divine Comedy.


Today’s posts are brought to you by the Letter L.


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Talk to Action has a lengthy write-up about the game Left Behind: Eternal Forces where players try to convert Jews, Catholics, and non Christians, and kill those they can’t convert.  Alternately, you can play as the Anti Christ and kill all the Christians.  Classy.  Even more classy is that it’s being endorsed by Rick Warren, king of the mega church and author of “A Purpose Driven Life”.

Think they’ll shut up about Grand Theft Auto now?


I’ll bet you didn’t know that those dozens of e-mails you send every day were hand delivered by wee little mice whose very existence is threatened at every turn.  Now, thanks to the marvels of science, you can try to protect one of the mice with Mouse Mailer

Maybe this’ll make you think twice about forwarding redneck jokes to half your state. 


As you might imagine from the title, I’m getting my ass whupped by the allergies.  Due to my inability to refrain from spraying my monitor every six seconds without heavy medication, things are gonna start a little later today.  Let’s try for noonish.


Director Nick Worthey recently took the grand prize in Atom Films and Intel’s film contest with his animated short, The Wand.

Thanks to raving maniac for the heads up. 


Here’s a great animation by the Danish band, Kashmir for their clip ’Rocket Brothers‘. 


Three Legged Legs Films (the same gents who brought us the wonderful Jeff Soto inspired Los Angeles Lets Be Friends) takes a stab at truly global marketing with ’Humans‘.


Elephant Dreams bills itself as the first ’open movie‘, meaning it was made entirely via open source graphics software by a collective of writers, animators, and producers.  The result is a great slice of surrealism that’s of the utmost quality.  Check it.