Best Cabbie Ever

by alphamonkey on May 15, 2006 · 8 comments

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Last Monday, a BBC newshow covering the most recent Apple / Beatles court case introduced a man as Guy Kewney, editor of, as a commentator on the case.  Little did the anchor know, the man she was interviewing was actually Mr. Kewney’s cab driver, whom a rushed staffer plucked from the lobby.  The so-far unidentified driver gamely bluffed his way through the interview.  Awesome.

More on the story here

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  • HeyLowPapi

    this guy is my hero. i love the look on his face when he’s introduced and he realizes what’s going on.

  • Haserhud

    HAHAHAHAH.  His expression.

  • that guy

    I can’t get enough of his expresion, priceless! Give that man his own show asap.

  • musicgirl416

    That’s absolutely amazing. He can successfully bs in a language he has difficulty speaking.

  • Your Good Twin

    Herehere, everyone!  That look on his face that he transfers so breathlessly into “Good morning.” is absolutely classic.  I was also impressed at his BS.  He just sounded like some foreign tech guy that could get away with somewhat vague answers by not knowing the English language well.

  • Alan

    That’s why London cabbies are the best in the world. I’m pretty sure that part of “The Knowledge” (the test you have to take before they let you drive a black cab in London where you have to memorise EVERY street in London – to learn it takes about two years minimum) is improvising technical comentators on TV. All in a days work. Nice one fella.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Oops.  Looks like the guy wasn’t a cabbie after all, but a job applicant at the BBC.

  • Alan


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