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by alphamonkey on May 4, 2006 · 15 comments

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Star is reporting that George Lucas is reneging on his oft stated promise to never release the original theatrical versions of the first Trilogy with a limited edition release this Fall.  Okay, so nerds like me should be happy he’s finally relenting and giving us the version he should have damn well knew we wanted in the first place, right?  Wrong.  Because the original films are being released as bonus material on the 2nd disc of the Special Ed versions. 

Let me get this straight:  In order for me to have the original trilogy on DVD, I have to buy a copies of your shitastic CGI wank fest versions, which (thanks to the aforementioned promise never to release the originals) I already own? 

George Lucas, you’re a gawdamn manipulative jerk. 

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  • Funkdaddy J

    Damn it, I bought the bootlegs of the originals last year, spent some time and money on artwork for the cases, and now he goes and legitimately releases the originals, contrary to what he’s always said. I share your pain about being required to buy the SEs again.

  • Travis Twitt

    Let me get this straight, you bleat and shriek and screech and throw a temper tantrum and pound your fists on the floor because Lucas releases films the way HE wants to, which considering that he put up HIS OWN MONEY to do so, I think gives him that right, instead of the “original films.”

    1) If your enjoyment of these films is utterly and completely ruined simply because “Greedo shot first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and now he doesn’t you are dementedly disturbed and in need of some serious therapy.

    Then you shirek and bleat about how you hate the new “restored versions of the films” so much that your teeth bleed.

    Tell me something, genius, if you loathe them so much that it actually makes you piss blood, then why the fuck did you buy the restored editions when they came out on DVD?

    It’s not like the movies will never be on tv again.

    There’s a monumentally huge leap in logic here, that I really wish you would explain.

    If you hadn’t bought the restored versions on DVD, then maybe you’d have a right to bleat and shriek.


    But once you handed over your credit card/wrote a check/ gave them the cash, you lost all right to do so, and bleating about the whole thing has caused me to lose what little respect I had for you in the first place.

  • .alphamonkey.

    You sir obviously need a hug, or a beer or something. You know, for someone who so adamantly disagrees with so much of what is said here, you certainly spend a lot of time on the site.

    Read the damn write-up for once:  Lucas repeatedly swore that he would never release the original theatrical versions on DVD, despite intense pressure from fans to do so.  The Special Ed versions were his ‘definitive version’ of the films and he wanted those to be considered the true (albeit stupider) canon.

    So yes, a lot of us bit the bullet and bought the Spec Ed versions because Star Wars is part of our childhood, our language, and our shared experience.  So yes, we’re justified in being angry that Lucas so blatantly manipulated his audience (you know, the people who made him all that money), and that he’s doing it again by making fans who want to have those films by the Special Ed versions again in order for us to have the versions we wanted in the first place.

    As a matter of fact, it’s precisely because we (however resentfully) forked over the cash the first time that we have the right to call foul on this blatant double dipping.  Your point is akin to saying that someone who votes for a candidate has no right to criticize or question their subsequent actions.

  • HeyLowPapi

    Now this is a minor point… but why is there s “1)” in your post, travis, but no “2)”?

  • Travis Twitt

    The 2) is understood.

  • daemoneyes

    No… but the “Twitt” part makes more sense now.

  • Funkdaddy J

    Does this site have a capability with which to ignore assholes? I say this out of curiosity and am just posting this here randomly.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Outside of outright banning, no.  Sorry.

  • BADD

    I believe Mr. Twitt lives under a bridge.  First he spoils are perfectly calm debate, now this.

    Travis could you please calm down a bit.  We are here to have fun, not call alphamonkey a goat, you know the animals that bleat.

    On topic:

    I agree monkey.  He only doesn’t release the originals because of pride.  Sure he has plent of money to hide them away forever, but I think he is being misguided about the whole thing.

    I would wait on buying this collection.  I have a feeling at some point the originals will be released seperately.

  • Your Good Twin

    This is one of those “I hate it so much but thank god.” moments where I don’t know how to feel.  On the one hand, I hate the Star Wars franchise’s shameless greed(o).  On the other hand, I’ll be glad to finally purchase the original versions of these films I’ve loved for so long.  I’m glad I didn’t buy the DVD releases from last year.  Bootleg laserdisc-to-DVD copies of the Special Editions my friend gave me were good enough for that garbage.

  • Travis Twitt

    One thing I’ve noticed is all of the Star Wars spazzoids bleating that “Lucas said he’d never release the original movies on DVD.”

    Here’s a clue dorkoids: A verbal excuse isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

    In other words, unless you have proof of where Lucas actually set down in writing that he would never release the original movies on DVD, then you have nothing to throw a temper tantrum about.

    Grow up.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I’ve got one for you:  Stop being such a prick.  Seriously.

    If you insist on being such an insulting troll, I can make your time here very short.

  • Travis Twitt

    Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.  Meow meow meow meow.  Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.

    (This comment has been translated from the original)

  • Travis Twitt

    Real mature.

    Instead of answering my challenge or admitting that you are completely and utterly wrong, you put words in my mouth.

    Real mature.


  • daemoneyes

    Wait… you call someone a “dorkoid” and then tell them to grow up in the same post?  Seriously, you’re really just some (needlessly) angst-ridden teenager who bolsters his own ego by trying to belittle people on-line because there’s no risk of actual retribution (other than the Singular Simian banning you), right?

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