Flat Life

by alphamonkey on May 31, 2006 · 4 comments

in Short Film,Uncategorized

Director Jonas Geir-Naert gives us a four square look at Flat Life in this 10 minute animated short.

edit: I just realized that I totally stole this post from ravingmaniac like a complete ass.  Allergy meds make me teh dumb.  Sorry, and thanks for the find. 

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  • waldogoesnuts

    it had a lot of spunka nd i liked it alot. it was a cute little film.

  • http://www.likedreams.net Arhu

    Amazing. dad-daddle dad-dad dad-dad dad

    Reminds me of Mad TV.

  • knarf180

    Never seen anything like it..  You never know where you should be watching.  Great stuff

  • http://zeus.ekt.gr/~vnatsios/paintings.php?lang=en ravingmaniac

    Not a problem A-monkey. Only tryin to help incase you missed some of the things we both like. Don’t even really need to mention me…

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