by alphamonkey on May 8, 2006 · 5 comments

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Here’s an interesting clip in which someone adapts the parkour style with some high-tech gadgetry . 

Once again it was a mostly silent clip, so I totally kicked it up. 

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  • daemoneyes

    I soooo want a pair of those things!

  • Boss Robot

    Even though it’s cheating they are still pretty sweet. Best things since moon boots.

    Oh yeah, the music was great too! hahaha!

  • Brokton-Otool

    please tell me where i can get a pair! big surprise

  • Oznog

    They’re called “Powerskips”


    There are a number of US distributors on the net, search for “powerskip”.

    There’s bunch of fun videos, one’s got a whole gang of people bouncing around a city.

    Be careful- there’s a real potential to hurt yourself there.

  • Alan

    That’s how I walk up the street with my normal shoes on. Or maybe I’ve been eating my Gran’s moon cakes again.

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