More Fun with Rolly!

by alphamonkey on May 1, 2006 · 3 comments

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After the response generated from Friday’s ’Suicide Club‘ post, I had to do a little more research on Rolly.  Turns out he’s quite the musician, with a number of albums to his credit.  And even better, I found a clip of him going guitar-a-guitar against former Megadeath shredder turned New Ager Marty Friedman on Marty’s top ranked Japanese show, Hebimetasan.  How cool is that?

Cool enough that Hebimetasan is a game show in which Marty faces off with another guitarist to see who can correctly play/identify the tune as sung by the obviously not so musically inclined female co-host, but even cooler that Rolly’s a T. Rex fan.  Dig on more of the show here.

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  • daemoneyes

    That’s so Japan!  And he got schooled on “Walk This Way”?  Hang thy head in shame!!!

  • noochienoochie

    Nobody else just thought it was funny enough that hebimetasan = heavy metal-san in japanese?

  • bunnyborg

    Awesome! So glad more people are aware of Rolly these days.

    Marty Friedman’s show “Mr. Heavy Metal” ended in 2005. His new show, “Rock Fujiyama” (search for that in YouTube) just began it’s new season April 3rd. Rolly is part of the cast this time. In the first episode, he and Marty take on “Stairway to Heaven” together.

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