Moses Supposes

by alphamonkey on May 1, 2006 · 9 comments

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Oh, you thought I was kidding about the Singing in the Rain stuff?  Ha!  Actually, the only bit I’m going to post is the phenomenal ’Moses Supposes‘ routine with Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor.  The athleticism and physicality of this routine just slays me.  I also get a kick out of how relaxed and effortless they both make it look.  Great, great stuff. 

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  • elkciN

    That is some excellent stuff. Let’s see more of this.

    It had to be rose cause it rhymes with mose. hehe

  • elkciN

    also, I think I need to see the original singin in the rain scene, as the VW one has forever marred the memory I had of it.

  • Dhsu

    Ah, the memories.  They just don’t make ‘em like they used to.

  • musicgirl416

    This was my favorite scene when I was a little girl. I loved this movie. Thanks for reminding me of it!

  • daemoneyes

    I remember when AMC used to play movies like this, and it was great.  Now they only seem to play the “New Classics”, and you hardly ever see anything this well done any more.

  • Boss Robot

    Looks like the beginning of rap and breaking

  • .alphamonkey.

    I want you to stand in front of a mirror, and repeat that phrase.  But slap yourself in the mouth when you say it.

  • genie

    Funny you say relate it to the beginning of rap and breaking.  Singing in the Rain, its various musical dance sequences, have been parodies for many many years–one of which was for a Volkswagon Golf GTI commercial (2005), in which breakdancing was used to the background of (say whaat?) “Singing in the Rain.” What insight you have!

  • Boss Robot

    I do have the insight of a seventeen year old boy. Oh shoot, I just burned my hot pocket, excuse me.

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