Shonen Knife – Ride the Rocket

by killdozr on May 9, 2006 · 0 comments

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Japanese girls, punk rock, bubblegum, rockets, claymation – is there NOTHING this video doesn’t have?

Aside from some wierd metal and avante garde acts, Shonen Knife is probably the friendly face of rock from Japan that most people in America know.

Shonen Knife was a trio of cute, but smart pop punkers from Osaka, Japan who caught the eye of such indie-rock fathers as Sonic Youth, Redd Kross, and Nirvana. Tragically, in November of 2005, the Shonen Knife trio was suddenly made a duo, as a fatal car crash claimed the third member Mana Nishimura here in America. The original two members, Naoko Yamano and Atsuko Yamano still write and perform their particular brand of good-time rock.

But enough with all that piffle – let’s take a moment and watch the girls do their giggle-pop at its Day-Glo best. This is Shonen Knife doing the opening track, Ride the Rocket from their American breakthrough album, Let’s Knife!

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