The Continuing Game Show Crisis

by alphamonkey on May 17, 2006 · 2 comments

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As evidenced by the fact that nearly all of our popular gameshows originated in another country, America has a serious game show gap problem.  While it’s all fine and good to swipe most of our programming from our pals across the pond, I think it’s time we looked in the other direction and follow the creative genius of the brilliantly insane Japanese.

All the convincing you may need to know that this is the standard we must follow can be found in the game Silent Library (which is part of the variety show Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende), in which contestants suffer more and more outrageous tortures without being able to utter a sound.  Pure, unadulterated crazy brilliance I tell you.  If you’re curious, the massive gentleman who, shall we say, stands out a bit from the other contestants is Ernesto Hoost, a K-1 fighter from Holland. 

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  • Busymm

    All I have to say is that I almost felt sorry for the poor sap who had to eat the wasabi roll. The look on his face thoguh as he got hit 3 times in a row for the challenge was clasic though.

  • not not licking toads

    i am going thru finals right now and i almost wish i were on this show just to add some spice into my studying. absolutely hilarious. The Old Man Biting Gently made me laugh out loud, and i got the strangest looks from very serious studiers around me.

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