Tom Cruise Gets His Groove On (and other delights)

by alphamonkey on May 8, 2006 · 0 comments

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Everybody have a good time this weekend?  Fun times about at the casa de Monkey with a certain someone’s birthday (*cough* ZolarCzakl *cough*), a trip to the movies, and the relaunch of the Transbuddha Forums

Yes, we’ve finally decided to pay attention to our oft-neglected forum section once again, as you can see from the right sidebar detailing the most recent topics.  Best of all, it’s tied into the main site, so you don’t have to re-register.  Have at it!

Oh yeah, the movie.  We saw Mission: Impossible: III and it wasn’t bad, to be honest.  Phillip Seymour Hoffman kicked some serious ass in the 15 minutes he was on-screen (including Tom’s).  We wish that J.J. Abrahms would have put a couple of movies under his belt before tackling such a action spectacle, but hey, we’re still suckers for the on-screen Tom Cruise.  The off screen Tom Cruise however….

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