Vanilla Puppy – Ice Ice Pro-Test

by alphamonkey on May 15, 2006 · 4 comments

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If there’s anything I love, it’s a good mash up.  And what two tastes go together more than industrial dance/punk (ala Skinny Puppy) and that paragon of street cred, Vanilla Ice?  Not much, apparently.  Not much.

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  • elkciN

    Why did they have to go and mess up such a perfect song? This is just like that time David Bowie stole his bass line…I tell ya, Ice gets no respect. Word to your mother.

    also..I haven’t listened to Skinny Puppy in forever..thanks for that.

  • daemoneyes

    Holy crap, that was actually good!  Now I have to go dig out my SP CDs.

  • George

    I need This song. MP3, I can’t just download the video and convert it from there, the quality’s not the same -.-, So, If anyone could please send me a download Link, That would be GREAT. My email is

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