Alan: A Video Junkie

by alphamonkey on June 13, 2006 · 6 comments

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It’s a shame that there’s so much of Saturday Night Live’s older work that you just can’t see in reruns.  With the rampant suckatude of the recent years, it’s all too easy that the show was once capable of being consistently brilliant.  Take the short ’Alan: A Video Junkie‘ from the days when Eddie Murphy, Joe Piscapo, Tim Mazurinsky, Brad Hall, and a young Julia Louis Dreyfus were the cast members. This particular short was from September 25th, 1982.  Chevy Chase was the host, and the musical guest was mother-fuckin’ QUEEN.  Oh, and Danny DeVito guested, along with Siskel and Ebert.

Anyway, the brilliance in this skit lay not in just it’s premise (which is indeed funny), but in the complete rug pull it manages.  A whole lot more enteraining than yet another celebrity mock-fest, that’s for sure. 

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  • sparky

    Ah, those were the days. I can remember begging to stay up late on Saturday nights to watch SNL. When the answer was No, I snuck out of bed anyway. Now I’m an adult, it’s not worth staying up for.

  • Boss Robot

    I totally got rid of that donkey on my back!  too busy these days.

    The same thing goes for The Simpsons. What makes an animated version of Simon Cowell funny?!?!?!

  • musicgirl416

    God, I miss the old SNL so much.

  • Darth_NeoCon

    I also miss SNL when it was good. Thank God for Mad TV, their stuff is still funny.

  • Boss Robot

    Yeah Mad TV has a couple quality sketches. Big fan of Bobby Lee. That guy needs more spotlight

  • MickeyM2

    Okay I’m old when the good ‘ole days of SNL was Chevy, Dan, Jim, and Jane you ingnorant slut!

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