Dinosaur Jr. – Feel the Pain

by alphamonkey on June 2, 2006 · 5 comments

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I’m feeling nostalgic, so how about some 1994 love courtesy of J Mascis and Dinosaur Jr.?  Dig on Feel the Pain, which has one of my favorite guitar riffs ever.  I’ve always loved this video, and it’s one of the thirteen that Spike Jonze put out that year, most of which are pretty iconic (Sabatoge and Buddy Holly being the most well known, I’d wager).

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  • waldogoesnuts

    bet you thoose buissnes men felt the pain.

  • Johnnyboy

    Notice the WTC towers in the background of the last scene.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Hmmm, someone should alert the ‘we need to digitally erase all mention of the towers from any media’ committee.

  • BADD

    What towers?  Ever since they put a chip in my brain I no longer can even say “twin Towers” without wetting myself.

    Whoops.  There I go again.

  • TooFarGone

    this song reminds me of Modern English – I’ll Melt With You

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