Folgers – Happy Morning

by alphamonkey on June 19, 2006 · 6 comments

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I’m not 100% keen on mornings anyway, but this clip from Folgers has finally convinced me to buy some blackout curtains and avoid the damned time altogether.  I’m not sure I can handle being assaulted by a glowing, inept, and celesital ABBA. 

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  • daemoneyes

    Now I’m really glad I don’t drink coffee.

  • afterglow

    Whoever came up with commerical must have woken up on LSD one time or another. The guy with butterflies flying from his mouth cracked me up the most. Mornings are so immposible.

  • Your Good Twin

    YES.  YES YES Y-E-S.

    Really WTF commercials are becoming quite the norm these days.  Which means in a magnificent ironic twist of fate, in a year, really normal commercials will be odd to see.  We’ll just be sitting there waiting on the WTF moment to happen and then the commercial will end, having calmly and unequivocably delivered its advertisement without anything really messed up happening.  And we’ll all go “What the hell kind of weird ass commercial was that?”

  • musicgirl416

    I actually like this commercial. It is certainly an accurate representation of what coffee does for me in the morning.

  • Boss Robot

    same here! You should see me in history class 1st period. Whoo!

  • afterglow

    Haha – Your Good Twin – if a commercial isn’t an aggressive assault on my eyes and/or ears I tend to zone out for a moment, and you’re right, then I wonder what the hell weird ass commercial was that. Most commericals don’t try to sell anything besides a crazy premise.

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