It’s Daft Punk Time

by Busymm on June 8, 2006 · 5 comments

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I’m sure we’ve all grooved at one time or another to the techno beat of Daft Punk If not, then be double quick to click this slew of videos. Each video is chock full of stunning visuals, symbolic meanings, and WTH they have a killer baseline.

One of the duo’s first videos, Around The World was both visually fun and rhythmically catchy.

Two of the groups latest video’s, PRIME TIME OF YOUR LIFE and TECHNOLOGIC Both songs are featured in Daft punks latest Movie ELECTROMA.

I am sure you are all familiar with ONE MORE TIME, AERODYNAMIC, DIGITAL LOVE and HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER. If Not Check them out ASAP, and if you are wondering how the story ends make sure to rent Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem .

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  • Your Good Twin

    Those two latests are totally mussed.  I dig the creepy horror short story theme of Prime Time of Your Life.  Meanwhile, Around the World remains one of the most imminently replayable videos of all time.  I could just watch those dancers all day.

  • Busymm

    Whoops went and fixed a small typo and back to the submission queue it went…..

  • Busymm

    There we go found a better source for “Prime time of your life” and fixed a small typo. Sorry Alphamonkey about the goof.

  • Dhsu

    Whoa, who was in charge of editing this entry?  Also, it’s “chock,” not chalk.

  • BADD


    We are responsible for editing these things while they are still in the queue.  Luckily AM will edit them further before they make the front page.

    In only two submissions I have had like 15 mistakes.  I got to learn that english language better.

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