by alphamonkey on June 29, 2006 · 9 comments

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The newly discovered* sketch group Summer of Tears has a sense of humor that’s right up my proverbial alley. They’re foul, cruel, and they say and do a lot of things that would be considered inappropriate in most polite circles.  I wish I could make them live inside my TV.

Anyway, take a look at Photographer.

(*well, to me anyway.  Apparently Invisible Engine has been keeping them their own dirty little secret)

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  • elkciN

    that looked like fun…maybe I need to start my own family portrait company…

  • afterglow

    I’m almost sure this is a rip off of an SNL sketch, but I don’t remember who exactly was in the SNL version besides Rachel Dratch (she played the son, I am almost positive).

  • .alphamonkey.

    Waitaminute!  Stolen comedy!?  Surely not!

  • tightpants

    AW CRAP. we actually performed this live in 2000 and shot it in 2002. i’m not sure when the SNL sketch aired, but any similiarity is (unfortunately) coincidental.

    i kinda want to kill myself now…

  • .alphamonkey.

    Oooh, snap!  I hear Lorne Michael has deep pockets (and soft hands).  Fire up the lawyers and burn some bridges!

  • .alphamonkey.

    And lest I forget:  I vote you for Best Mustache Ever.

  • afterglow

    Well the SNL sketch I saw had to have been after 2001 because I had never watched SNL previous to graduating high school.

  • afterglow

    -k- so I found a Saturday Night Live Episode Guide/Review, and a skit was performed on December 8th, 2001 titled “Sears’ Photographers”.  “Photgrapher” and “Sears’ Photgrapher” aren’t exactly the same, but obviously there were enough similiarites for someone like me (who has a hard time remembering her own name, age, and marital status) to assume that one was ripped off of the other.

    The following is the description I found of the SNl version:

    SEARS PHOTOGRAPHERS: Hugh and Seth were funny as

    former French Vogue photographers Paulo and Francisco

    from some unknown foreign country forced to be Sears

    photographers because of their addiction to cocaine.

    Chris and Ana as the confused parents waiting for

    their Christmas photos were also suitably horrified.

    It was funny that they took old grandma out of

    picture, wanted to take out the “ugly” twin and

    ordered Chris to cover his face . Some of the jokes

    were predictable, and the ending was not great with

    the “doctored” photo, but I enjoyed most of it.

    Best Line: “Can you speed this up? We have

    reservations at the California Pizza Kitchen.” Dad.

    “Little man, oh little man. For $17.95 you believe

    you have some creative control, but I am an artist!”

    Paulo [then slaps Dad’s face]. “Hey! Dad. “Nooo!!

    This is not Belize. We do not have an understanding

    with the local law enforcement!” Francisco.

    Grade: B

  • .alphamonkey.

    S.O.T.’s version is funnier.

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