Rollin’ Wit Saget

by killdozr on June 13, 2006 · 6 comments

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You know, Bob Saget gets a bad rap. Yet, in a stroke of genius, he gets a good video.

Yes, we know Saget hosts a lame-ass video show that features knocks to the balls as if it were the finest comedy man was capable of. We know. Hey, it’s his day job.

If we are to believe Jamie Kennedy, Bob don’t play, he sleeps with models, he bitch-slaps doormen and rolls tha spliff before bustin through tha clubs. But you can’t take anything Jamie says in a rap seriously…I mean…come on…Malibu’s Most Wanted?!

Hey! Is that George Lucas? They musta got him to sign the video contract when his blood sugar was low.

aaaaand yes…i DO believe that’s Paris Hilton on the very same set with Lucas.

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  • sparky

    If you want to see some good Saget, check out “The Aristocrats”.

  • elkciN

    I still say the best part is that the Stamos was not allowed in the club, as he is not part of Saget’s “runnin’ crew”. Damn the Stamos.

  • Jacomo

    It constantly surprises me that people don’t know that this video isn’t that far off. This guy is a recovered junkie…and have you SEEN his standup? He drops the F bomb on-average as much as Chappelle does. Speaking of Chappelle, remember Saget’s cameo in the AA meeting? Also, anyone seen Dirty Work with Norm MacDonald? Saget directed that gem. Word to ya motha!

  • fantastic duck

    i heard, the motherfucker had like, 30 goddamn dicks.

  • .alphamonkey.

    No, no, you’re thinking of George Washington

  • fantastic duck

    the future beware…

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