The Beer Cannon

by alphamonkey on June 6, 2006 · 4 comments

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Let’s shove another ‘n’ into the canon and spend some time with this awesome slo-mo montage courtesy of a beer that tastes like it was shot out of a cannon into a hobo’s underwear, and then poured in your mouth: Milwaukee’s Best Light.

For as gawdawful a beer as Beast Light may be, I’ll give ‘em credit for a clever marketing hook.  The ‘almost there’ aspect of much of the clip works beautifully.

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  • waldogoesnuts

    1812 overture. man thats the most perfect song for this video. it was pretty suspensful in the beginning. i really wanted to see explosions. but oh did i see them

  • sparky

    While this is very amusing and it’s nice to see this unappealing beer finally put to good use, it’s also a bit upsetting. You probably didn’t know this but the defense department spent three years and nearly $1.5 billion on producing the beer cannon.

    The MB36 “Beer Me” Alcohol Assault Cannon, as it was called when presented in 2004, was supposed to be the latest weapon in the ongoing “War on Terror”. Someone at the Pentagon thought Islamic fundamentalists were so strongly opposed to alcohol that the fear of being pummeled with beer cans would cause the enemy to retreat.

    However, during the final testing phase, it was decided that the MB36 was just too inaccurate. The project was aborted but not before one soldier lost his life to the MB36. According to official reports, four soldiers working on the project were working late one weekend, they got into the MB36’s test ammunition stash and became intoxicated. At that point, the soldiers attempted to catch the beer cans as they were fired from the MB36. One soldier sustained heavy trauma to the head when a beer can slipped through his hands. It seems the soldiers hadn’t taken into consideration that condensation would form on the can when it was taken from a refrigerator and then shot from a cannon.

    Fortunately for the American taxpayer, the Pentagon was able to recoup some of the funding for the MB36 when it was sold to a marketing firm with a well-known client in the alcoholic beverage industry. I guess we’re all fortunate. And once again, we have the brave men and women in uniform to thank. God bless America.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Uh, wow.

  • Busymm

    Thats a mighty nice imagination you got there sparky. Or is it *Dun Dun DUNNNN*

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