The Brainiac Tech IQ Test

by alphamonkey on June 30, 2006 · 3 comments

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I recently installed the Windows Vista Beta (which seems to be no longer available), and so far I’m rather impressed.  It’s pretty, it’s functional, and it’s running faster than XP Pro does on the same system.  I can’t take it for a full spin, as there are a host of programs that I use weekly (if not daily) that aren’t fully compatible with Vista yet (hey, it’s a Beta), but what I have run has shown favorable results.  I’m sure the Apple crowd will jump up and say ‘It’s just ripping off Apple’, but there’s one very important distinction:  Vista doesn’t make me want to punch someone in the brain.  So for that, it’s the winner.

As anyone might imagine, Microsoft is really pulling out all the stops on the ad front, but what is unexpected is the tone and direction of some of their efforts.  Take this Brainiac Tech IQ Test, for example.  The graphics, interface, and language are no where near the polished corporate overspeak we normally get from MS.  In fact, it’s downright agressive and cruel.  Which, as we all know, I’m a total sucker for.  And hey, I’m a sucker for a quiz.  Check it.  Somehow I managed a 85%.

You might also check out the Infamous Quotes, which looks back at some staggeringly wrong predictions about the future of technology. 

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  • waldogoesnuts

    @ im a f***ing idiot……..=(

  • afterglow

    I scored 70%. Is that even respectable?

  • Ice

    I scored 73% :p

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