The Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes

by alphamonkey on June 22, 2006 · 8 comments

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It’s been 3 years since the Postal Service album ‘Give Up’ came out, and while Ben Gibbard has continued to put out Death Cab for Cutie material (which I care naught for), there’s no new PS work in sight.  Dammit.  So let’s just revel in the album we do have and enjoy this clip for ’We Will Become Silhouettes‘, which gets bonus points for not only it’s premise, but for having the awesome Jenny Lewis (from Rilo Kiley) appear.  This spot was directed by Jared Hess, who directed Napoleon Dynamite and the less than entertaining Nacho Libre.  Other Postal Service clips here

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  • foldthecorners

    were you unaware jenny lewis is part of the postal service?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Well, she only sings on two songs, so I have a hard time considering that ‘member’ status.  According to her own bio, she’s not considered part of the band.

  • Your Good Twin

    Yeah, this is a great album.  My favorite song is “Nothing Better”.

  • Boss Robot

    lol, they were talking about a nuclear bomb!

  • waldogoesnuts

    i love the whole thing and im looking forward to another album but i hate you alpha. i also LOVE dcfc. what is wrong with it?!?!! granted their latest album is a little on the messy side but you have to admit that previous titles are the bomb digitty

  • .alphamonkey.

    No I don’t.

  • BADD

    I would think asking someone to admit something is the “bomb digitty” would be like asking someone to poke their eardrums out with a lit fire cracker.  Not recommended.

    I have not listened to any Death Cab for Cutie so I don’t have an opinion on them….

    However, this video was outstanding.

  • Reibesch

    In just the few days since this was posted it seems there’s new developments. Interesting!

    New PS Album

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