The Thief & The Cobbler: Director’s Cut

by alphamonkey on June 26, 2006 · 4 comments

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Animator Richard Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) spent 28 years putting together his personal masterpiece, The Thief & the Cobbler, only to see it wholly butchered by one of the worst production nightmare runs ever, and his part finally ended when a scab production team took over and added voiceovers, songs, and removed subplots and whole characters.  This version, entitled ‘The Princess & the Cobbler’, was eventually released by Miramax to absolutely no acclaim.

One fan of the film took some serious initiative and decided to use bootleg footage to restore the film to William’s original vision, and has since released the film on DVD and over the Internet.  Take a gander at the trailer for Garrett Gilchrist’s unofficial restoration of “The Thief & The Cobbler”, or you can view the film in it’s entirety here

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  • Haserhud

    OH MY STARKS.  I remember this movie. I loved it. I can only imagine what the “original vision” is like.  *watches*

  • BADD

    Totally awsome.

  • Boss Robot

    Greatest fan ever. Wanted to show the world the true vision of the creator

  • Hefty

    Whoa so the best movie ever, ive been telling everyone this forever and now i found this site. So cool, so cool. If anyone didnt know this movie is coming out this november on dvd

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