UFO Ramen

by alphamonkey on June 20, 2006 · 4 comments

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Considering it’s place as a staple of the college kid (and let’s face it, less than well off adult) diet, I’m constantly surprised by the complete and utter lack of Ramen commercials on television.  Is the market really that slim, or do we just have a less than proud attitude about those tasty instant noodle dishes? 

I’m going to go with shame, but I think if ramen companies showed these kinds of spots on US television, maybe we’d finally publicly embrace our fondness for that 3 minute wonder of a meal.

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  • afterglow

    Haha- what kind of food was the UFO imposter?

    I haven’t had Ramen noodles in a while! When I was a kid I used to eat Ramen and peanut butter & jelly sandwich together all the time! I would dip my sandwich in the broth. It was so good! It was good mix of salty sweetness.

  • daemoneyes

    Were those matched soy sauce shooters he was slinging?

  • Snrfwezl

    Ok, have a friend who works for a transport company… they had a trailer FULL of ramen get stolen off the lot and the owner’s don’t even file a claim.  Its pennies per package to make, they just eat the loss and move on!  Its like 100% profit man!!

  • LeatherSleeves

    UFO ramen is such a babe magnet.

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