What the Hell Were They Thinking (Part 1)

by alphamonkey on June 26, 2006 · 6 comments

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You know, for all the mind bogglingly stupid ideas that come out of corporations, it’s a wonder anything can make us sit up and take notice anymore.  Thankfully (or not), Hasbro has decided to shake us from our complacency and unleash a product and ad campaign that should really mess up your morning.  Prepare yourself for the Oozinator, which might have actually been developed for use in Japanese porn. 

Now seriously, what the hell were these people thinking? 

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  • Busymm

    Bet their parents will just love it when the kid comes in and starts leaving sticky stuff all over the place after a fight.They won’t know if it’s time for a “special talk” or not.

  • PesterTheJester

    Oh gawd sperm shooters……ew!!

  • http://www.allamericanplayboys.com noochienoochie

    Well that’s just dumb. For maximum market penetration, they should have called it the Bukakinator.

  • MonkeeDoo

    Pete Townsand was arrested for buying a Oozinator, but he swore up and down that is was solely for research purposes. . .

  • BADD

    I got a little inside information treat for you folks.

    I have worked with a bunch of *former* Hasbro employees.

    This is not the first bad idea to make it to market.

    I don’t know if any of you remember, but they put out a matchbox car track called the Twister, or something like that.  It was basically a ball of track that was suspended over a car *launching* device.

    Well one of my friends decided to shoot the launcher without the track ball on top.  Unfortunately he was looking down on it when it went off.  He is still amazed no one sued Hasbro for broken noses or eyes shot out from it.

    One thing he did develop that actually didn’t make it was a nerf ball gun that worked like a tennis ball shooter.  It had a trigger that dropped a ball into the spinning wheels that were controled by a button on the side of the gun.

    He found out that if you left the button on for about 30 seconds, the wheels would spin fast enough to launch a ball at bruising speed.  Not unlike getting hit with a paint ball.  Whoops. wink

  • daemoneyes

    So what you’re saying is, your friend isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, so to speak?

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