Alex Fuentes

by alphamonkey on July 20, 2006 · 1 comment

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Illustrator Alex Fuentes has a beautiful mish-mash style that just breaks my heart, it’s so pretty.  You can find his work at Los Fokos (The Lightbulbs), which is named for an artist collective he takes part in. 

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  • shavaughna starkey

    Dear Alex Fuentes,

    so i’ve just started to read FLIGHT comics and i gotta tell ya i just love your favorite work of yours is “One Little Miracle for a HUNGRY SWARM”.it was fantastic.and the art work,man oh man you gotta tell me where you learned mad skills like that.i understand the writing so’s like i’m realy there.but not the charectors “there’ just “listening very closely there’.ya know what i mean?i might even ask for a FLIGHT comic for Christmas.that’s how much i liked reading your work.

    Shavaughna Starkey

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