America’s Greatest Export

by alphamonkey on July 5, 2006 · 5 comments

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I know, I know.  How could I talk about why I love this country and then so shamelessly overlook that which makes America so great?  By which I mean the fact that we let other countries recognize our genius through the works of David Hasselhoff.  Is there any greater ambassador? I think not.  You won’t either after seeing this schizophrenic and creepy nugget of audio video joy from the Great One himself

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  • Jacomo


    I don’t know what to say…

    Don’t Hassel the Hoff?

  • elkciN

    Blasphemy. A few things to note…They let him keep kitt?! That’s just unfair. Secondly, at one point He who shall not be named tells the girls that they should get in his car or, and I quote, “you’ll catch your death.” No Means No, sir.

  • daemoneyes

    OK, I was thinking, “bonus points for KITT” until I realized it was a sham!  Hello, I know the car had a British accent, but the steering wheel was still on the left side, damn it.  Sadly, that jackass is one of the most famous people to ever graduate from my high school.  I kid you not, they have a plaque in his honor on the wall.  And you know the whole time, he’s thinking, “I may look like a colossal fucktard, but I still make more money than the rest of you for doing this! MWUH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Or something to that effect.

  • elkciN

    wow…I’m sorry. I would’ve dropped out after a few days…

  • daemoneyes

    Fortunately, my need for an education overcame my pride.  And I think they still bring the stupid car to the parade every summer.

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