Attack of the Fan Film Friday!

by alphamonkey on July 14, 2006 · 0 comments

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There’s a long and storied tradition of future directors honing their skills on homemade films that amount to nothing more than a obsessive love letter to their passions, but the ubiquitousness of film making equipment (along with the seemingly endless methods of cheap self distribution) has flooded our digital shores with a veritable deluge of what has become known as the Fan Film.  There are more than a few sites solely devoted to these zero budget would-be masterpieces (Say for instance these two sites), but the real goldmine is found with sites like YouTube, which frankly is liking walking through a paranoid schizophrenic’s personal film library.

So of course today we’ll be taking a stroll though a variety of fan films both good, bad, and completely insane.  To get your palette ready, why not revisit the excellent fan film parody The Secret Wars Re-Enactment Society from Geek Week?

And yes, today will also be a short day, with posts going to 2pm CDT. 

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