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by alphamonkey on July 4, 2006 · 0 comments

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As we gear up for the holiday that best sums up the American experience*, I thought it would be nice to take a moment and showcase those things that make me, the anonymous internet blowhard, still proud of the tawdry and haggard lady I call America.  Like for instance the fact that we still live in a country in which a basic cable TV host can mercilessly mock the president to his face, or a children’s host can utterly school a Senate Sub Committee.  How about the fact that ignorant hate-mongers can make a music video, and rather than rallying a nation just provide a couple minutes of bemused exasperation?  America is a country that loves to be deceived, yet will quickly and harshly deal with exposed deceivers by showering them with metric f#$% tons of money.

While perhaps lacking in wisdom and experience as those older and more worldly countries, America has lived hard and fast, and has the scars (and uncomfortable itching) to prove it. For all her faults, I love this country of mine.  After all, where else could a greased up thug charm the world by ditching his wheels and conquering the infinite sea?

While we’re often a contentious bunch, it’s good to know that in the end, we stand as one

Lest you think I’m all snark on this day, here’s 10 Steps to Restoring Democracy in America.

Now get out there and blow something up, dammit!

*Think about it:  Beer, barbeque, and explosions.  What’s more American than that?  And like all great things Uncle Sam-y, it’s never really over until someone loses a finger.

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