Charmin Gets A Little Bit Rude

by alphamonkey on July 18, 2006 · 7 comments

in Commercials,Uncategorized

If the series of spots featuring the Charmin Bears doing their business in the woods wasn’t explicit enough, Charmin UK wants you to know that it’s fully aware of what you dirty sinners are doing with it’s product

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  • Your Good Twin

    Omigoose, that’s really great.  I couldn’t catch all of the references but no doubt that’s part of the fun.

  • Jacomo

    Laying cable…beautiful.

  • Boss Robot

    Hahaha, I am so gonna call it “laying cable” now

  • Alan

    It’s tempting to list all of the references but I don’t want to look like some sort of expert.

  • elkciN

    I think I get all of them but a few, like the penny one, and the bird one. I’ve used “dropping the kids off at the pool” religiously since I saw it on Space Ghost oh so long ago. It makes me happy.

  • BADD

    I too am curious about the penny, and the fish magazine in the fish tank.

    Everything else i have heard before. wink

  • Alan

    “Spending a penny” harks back to when you had to give the toilet attendant a penny for use of the facilities, and a brown trout is, well, a brown trout. I must go now as I need to see an old friend off to the coast….

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