Coke – Happiness Factory

by alphamonkey on July 6, 2006 · 3 comments

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I’m not too fond of Coke’s current ad campaign.  For one, I’m not entirely certain there’s a human being on the planet unfamiliar with their signature product (or their rival’s), but mostly it just seems really forced and uninspired.

Though it did lead me to wonder where I’d seen that premise before. Hmmmm. 

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  • noochienoochie

    Did I see snowmen being slaughtered by a meatgrinder of sorts in order to chill that bottle of Coke? I’m never touching the stuff again.

  • Your Good Twin

    As Lewis Black has said “Is there anyone who still has never heard of coke or pepsi?  Everyone in this nation has drank enough coke and pepsi to piss it for a week.  Why don’t they just send us all a little coupon once a year that says ‘Try our shit’”

    That being said, I thought it was pretty clever and had that nice twist of “BluggaHUH?”

  • Jacomo

    First of all, Lewis Black is awesome.

    Second, I’m glad they give such fanfare for one Coke, but even if they killed 100 snowmen to make my next Coke, I would still think it wasn’t worth the 140 or so calories in each regular soft drink.

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