I Am Jack’s Tortured Sexual Past

by alphamonkey on July 14, 2006 · 6 comments

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Most often, fan films amount to nothing more than extended trailers much like this everything but the kitchen sink take on the Boy Wonder himself, Dick Grayson.  The choice of music is gawdawful, and a wise move would have been leaving out all the dialogue, but I have to admit that by the end I was thinking ‘I kinda want to see that movie’.  Sure, the costume looks like it was made of felt, and Supe’s looks like an aging queen version of Bruce Campbell, but you have to admire a fan film that throws in, well, everyone. 

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  • http://www.transbuddha.com The Good Reverend

    Okay, I’m going to show my comic book ignorance here:  Aren’t Superman, Wonder Woman, and that green dude all good guys?  Why would they all be against Robin?

  • Boss Robot

    You’re not alone, I too am ignorant in the world of DC.

    My guess is that it’s a whole mess of legality. Robin is trying to kill the Joker, to you know, avenge batman but it’s the good guys job to “uphold the law” which is why superman and the rest try to stop Robin. Am I just stating the obvious? Hopefully no

  • daemoneyes

    Green Lantern is the third one, they are all “good”, and there is no level of weirdness too great for some comic book lovers and their fantasies.  Trust me, I know.  And what kind of retard punches Superman in the face?

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    One that runs around in bright red felt.  Why they didn’t have him wearing the Nightwing costume, I can’t imagine.

  • Busymm

    Not too shabby, I think I would rent it if it ever hit the big screen.

  • Jacomo

    I’m feeling so much good comic-nerd love on Buddha this weekend. It’s beautiful. Oh yea… Robin is stupid but Nightwing I could watch. Was that a showdown with Robin and Sup? That’s like a three second fight and two and a half of those seconds are Robin bleeding to death.

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