Of Course I’m Crazy! I’ve seen Kirk Cameron’s Weenus!

by alphamonkey on July 14, 2006 · 10 comments

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The king of the comic book fan films (for me, anyway) remains Batman: Dead End, which boasts actual production values that exceed $1 and a cast of working actors (including TV’s beloved Boner, aka Andrew Koenig).  Director Sandy Collora has a history in film (he started out as an assistant in Stan Winston’s Studio), and his four day shoot pulls off what no other big budget superhero film has ever done: he makes the costumes look great.  Sure the acting isn’t exactly Masterpiece Theater, but the characters very much look like what comic book fans want to see. 

Considering Collara’s work credits, it’s no wonder this short takes a sharp turn into WTF territory, but this, along with his follow up short World’s Finest, really captures how technique and a real passion for the characters can result in material far superior to the summer blockbuster attempts. 

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  • Busymm

    Man that scene between batman and the joker was simple the best. After that it did get a tad wierd, thankfully the costumes rocked.

  • LeatherSleeves

    Running the risk of sounding ignorant, I have to ask…what’s with the title?

  • daemoneyes

    They spent some serious dough on those costumes.  Nice to see a mash-up of some of my favorite comics.

  • BADD

    The guy who played the Joker is Boner from Growing Pains.

    In one episode he saw Kirk Camerons characters penis in a naked self portrait he took for a class of some sort.

    I didn’t have to research this.  I just knew.  Yes, I am that nerdy.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Um, I said some of that in the writeup.

  • LeatherSleeves

    Thanks for clearing that up. Now perhaps I can sleep in peace.

  • http://www.myspace.com/yourgoodtwin Your Good Twin

    Only thing is I get sick of alpha’s lauding of fan films.  Yes, some are great.  Yes, fans pour their hearts in for no monetary gain.  But saying no superhero film has made a costume look great?  Come on, alpha, seriously?  Spider-man’s costume didn’t look great?  Or Burton’s Batman?  But this looks so fantastic?  Hmph.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Hollywood has yet to do a Batman costume that looked good.  It always looks like exactly what it is:  a stiff rubber suit. So far they’ve all gone for the all black look, to boot.  That’s not Batmn.

    What’s always bugged (heh) me about the Spider-Man suit is that in no way does it look like something homemade.  I mean, what the hell are those raised lines made out of?

    Look, I’m a long time comic book nerd.  I want to see the suits I grew up with. I’m picky that way.

  • Jacomo

    This is nice, sure, especially for a comic fan film. It’s no Duality but that was 90% digital. Is it just me or do you all see the Predators as an alien version of one of those early 1900’s big-game hunters with the open-bell-ended rifles and the huge handle-bar mustaches?

  • BADD

    I have to agree with the monkey.  Clark Bar(tram) had the perfect physique and look for batman, and the clasic suit worked for this film.

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