Sometimes You Just Need a Little Help

by alphamonkey on July 10, 2006 · 3 comments

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After almost no thought at all, I’ve decided to raise the upcoming betamonkey using only Japanese training films.  I figure it’s got to be as least as useful as that hoity-toity Baby Einstien junk, but with the added bonus of preparing my kid for the future, in which Japanese pop culture will ultimately reign supreme.  Is it necessarily a good idea?  Probably not, but you’ll have to admit that it’s gonna be fun when toilet training comes around

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  • Jacomo

    I will, without a doubt, be shouting these two songs in my best Japanese whilst squinting out brown children. Where can one purchase the two-buttoned sing-along toilet paper caddy?

  • Dhsu

    The living toilet brings back nightmares of this creature:

  • Your Good Twin

    Oh man, they’re raising a culture of hemorrhoid sufferers.  You don’t push, you just let it make its own way.  I should know.  T_T

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