Supergroups = Bad

by alphamonkey on July 10, 2006 · 6 comments

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Of course I wasn’t going to let you off the hook without a dose of a supergroup that should have ne’er been.  No, I won’t subject to an Asia video, but you do need to watch this clip of Rick Danko, Paul Butterfield, and Gary Busey tearing up Bob Will’s ’Stay All Night‘ from 1979.  Yes.  Gary Busey.  This was just a year after the release of the suprisingly good The Buddy Holly Story (in which he did all the singing/guitar playing as Buddy), and while it’s not widely known, Busey’s been in a fair number of bands, and originally headed out to Hollywood to make it in music. 

What puts this clip into the ‘omg’ camp isn’t musicianship (which is fine, actually), but the ‘holy crap, how high are they?’ feel to the whole thing.  It kinda makes me wonder what they would have sounded like, you know, not coked/high/strung out to the gills. 

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  • Busymm

    Wow, that puts me in mind of a bunch of teenagers who sorta know how to play a few cords and they make up for what they don’t know by cranking the sound up to 11.

  • .alphamonkey.

    What’s interesting is that they’re all damn fine musicians on their own.  Rick Danko is a hell of a bass player and singer, and Paul Butterfield is, well Paul muthereffin’ Butterfield.  Busey’s actually a pretty damn good guitar player.  It’s just this particular performance is such a train wreck.

  • Shadow Stalker

    I don’t know if I’d get close to Gary Busey if he was holding anything as remotely club-like as a guitar.

  • .alphamonkey.

    What does he need a blunt instrument for?  He can kill you with his MIND!

  • daemoneyes

    Or his gigantic teeth.

  • BADD

    What I like about this is it confirms my theory about Gary Busey.

    He is the embodiment of chaos.

    What man can get together with two great musicians, be a great musician, and cause this to happen?

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