The Great One Does Acid, Sees God

by alphamonkey on July 20, 2006 · 1 comment

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Recent news that Samuel L. Jackson has signed on to narrate the voice of God in a new audio version of the New Testament not only made me bust out the Johhny Cash read audio version of the New Testament, it got me thinking who I would cast as the perfect voice of that most authoritarian of beings.  Oddly enough, director Otto Preminger hit upon the same idea I had when making his film Skidoo with Jackie Gleason in 1968.  Dig on psychedelic Gleason action, and the man whom perfectly captures that most ineffable of ineffables: Groucho Marx. 

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  • grubworm

    Thanks, I remember watching that when I was a kid and thinking the dancing trash can in the movie was creepy. What the heck was that all about anyway?

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