August 2006

I’m consistently amazed at the quality work that shows up over at Channel 101 and 102, and I’m glad the results are too out there for the networks to ever consider trying the concept themselves. 

Right now my attention is on Austin Bragg and his crew’s excellent ’The Defenders of Stan‘, in which the last remaining human in a world of superheroes copes with life, love, and a particularly overbearing brother.  I’m really sad I have to wait nearly 30 days for the next episode. 


I don’t care what band you’re in, or what you sound like.  If you tell me you’ve got a video of a band defeating a rampaging robot army through the sheer power of rock, well… you’ve got my attention for 2 minutes and 45 seconds. 


Caliber Dash

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Dodge went the smart route in getting Inbox Digital to create a flash game for their Caliber campaign, as Inbox has consistently shown it’s prowess in putting together catchy little timewasters.  This time out, they went the old school route with this throwback driving game that takes advantage of some modern kicks like starting a league or instant global scoring.  How sweet is that?

Then again, not even a rocktastic game will make me forget what I’ve learned about Dodge’s logo


No, it’s not what you think, but then again how could you possibly expect a themesong mashup using a rhodes, a Theremin, and a funnel?  Londoner culturekiller knocks it out of the park with this less than reverent take on two of the most beloved themesongs of American television.

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A Softer World

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We’d checked out the work of Emily and Joey over at A Softer World quite some time ago (over two years to be exact), but a recent revisit found me in a mood more open to their subtle charms.  Check out the webcomic goodness therein, but be ready for a strange and heady mix of pathos, humor, the shocking, and the sublime.


I’m often asked ‘alphamonkey, why don’t you showcase more videos from French artists from the mid 80’s?’ The answer?  Because frankly, the videos tend to scare the hell out of me.  Sweet jittery junebugs!  And I thought Quarterflash’s Harden My Heart video was a nightmare, sheesh. 


Richard Lester has had a storied career in film and television, but if it weren’t for Peter Sellers / Spike Milligan collaboration known as The Running, Jumping, and Standing Still Film, we’d probably be a lot less familiar with him.  It was this 10 minute short that brought him to the attention of The Beatles (and especially John Lennon), who then picked him to helm their debut film, A Hard Days Night.  Lester went on to direct Help! and then aimed his sights a little higher on the cinematic menu.  His Musketeer films are great, but the nerd in me demands fealty to his Superman II (which he took over when Richard Donner was kicked from the project*.).  Sadly, Lester also directed the Richard Pryoriffic Superman III in which The Big Blue Schoolboy fought a computer that by todays standards was as powerful as an Amiga 500.

Whew.  Lot of leadup there, huh? Anyway, take some time out of your day to enjoy 10 minutes of sheer goofy with The Running, Jumping, and Standing Still Film.

Speaking of Superman II, I didn’t realize that Richard Donner’s cut of the film was being released this November.  How awesome is that? 


Being as I am disconnected from the British Music Hype Machine(tm), I’d never heard of Lily Allen before coming across her clip for LDN, but damn if that’s not one hell of a catchy song.  Even better is it being paired with a well done video (directed by Nima Nourizadeh). 


The Mexico state municipality of Tultepec is the fireworks center of the country (with the majority of it’s citizens making their living by either making or selling fireworks), and they prove it with with their beautiful castillo displays. But the real winner is their National Pyrotechnics Fair, which features massive fireworks laden bulls that dance down the street in all their pyrotechnic glory.  Read the extended for a video of the altogether insane festivities.

If the name of Tultepec is familiar to you, you might be remembering the massive explosion there back in September of 2005, which destroyed hundreds of stands in the famed San Pablito Market. 

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Team Tiger Awesome returns to the old timey well for a look at the long lost pictrola classic, Top Gun: Requiem For Goose, in which many fine dandies engage in aerial derring-do in their efforts to stop the mad Kaiser.