Attention Wes Anderson

by alphamonkey on August 17, 2006 · 2 comments

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Apparently I’m not the only one excited to hear that Wes Anderson is gearing up for another movie.  William Becker and Donald Fagan (otherwise known as Steely Dan), have taken it upon themselves to provide Anderson some strategies to ensure this film lives up to the promise of Anderson’s previous works.  Maybe they’re trying to get Mark Mothersbaugh knocked out of a job, but you have to admit; getting an open letter from Steely Dan is kinda cool even if it’s a ‘please don’t suck’ letter.

The Darjeeling Limited, which is set to star Owen Wilson, Jason Schwarzman, and Adrian Brody, should get film nerds more than a little excited as it’s been written by Schwarzman, Roman Coppola, and Anderson. 

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  • elkciN

    That’s nothing unusual, Steely Dan wrote me a letter to help me pass 9th Grade English. They’re helpful guys.

  • Your Good Twin

    “Can you add a bayonet to the barrel of the handgun?” “Sure I don’t see why not.”

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