Big Star – Lady Sweet

by alphamonkey on August 17, 2006 · 0 comments

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All pop junkies have to accept one terrible fact: There will never be anything close to another Big Star.  In 1972 Alex Chilton, Chris Bell, Jody Stephens, and Andy Hummel released #1 Record, which sits comfortably in my personal top 10 albums of all time list.  The follow-up, Radio City (recorded after Bell left the group), sits in that list as well.  Sadly, the closest Big Star ever got to full on fame is through ‘In The Street’, which Cheap Trick’s cover of was used as the That 70’s Show theme song. 

In 2005 Alex Chilton and Jody Stephens, along with The Posies’ Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer (who had played together as Big Star for a Columbia, Missouri reunion show in 1993) released ‘In Space’, which marks the first new Big Star recording since Sisters/Lovers was released in 1978.  There’s no conceivable way it could compete with #1 Record or Radio City (especially since co-songwriter Chris Bell died in 1978), but it’s good to see Chilton and Co get at least a margin of the attention they deserve.  I’d love to have videos for any number of songs from #1 Record/Radio City, but we’ll just have to make due with this clip for Lady Sweet from In Space.

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