Damn you, Dhalsim! Damn you!

by alphamonkey on August 28, 2006 · 3 comments

in Short Film,Uncategorized

I used to hate Dhalsim so much.  I could never figure out how stretchy yoga guy could take on badasses like Ryu and Sagat, but I then we’re talking about a game in which a green and blue furball is some kind of martial arts master.  Oddly enough, the trend of yoga vs kung fu didn’t start with Street Fighter II, if this ass whupper of a clip is anything to judge.  Why is it that in the Eastern world yoga masters are total badasses, but here in the States they’re usually pasty thin guys who eat soy and couldn’t beat up Hello! Kitty?

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  • waldogoesnuts

    they could beat up a hello! kitty, if they had their purse HAHAAH

  • Alan

    Mental note – next time I’m trying to capture a wierd bendy yoga bloke, don’t bother trying to use snake restainers. I think Samuel L Jackson would have wupped his bendy ass without too much fuss.

  • jimbert

    is it me or should the yoga guy take up break dancing? he had the moves

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