Final Thriller

by alphamonkey on August 25, 2006 · 3 comments

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Returning to the Michael Jackson theme, one has to at least acknowledge the dancing.  Usher wouldn’t even have a career if it weren’t for Michael, and those signature moves we’ve seen so many times show up all over the place.  I mean really, when noted thespian Corey Feldman dedicates 10 minutes of screen time to a Michael Jackson routine, you know it’s important.  Hell, even beat deficient nerds love the moves.  Why else would the animators for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within spend the time to create an animated homage to one of Michael Jackson’s most famous routines? 

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  • Your Good Twin

    Oh man, that’s so great.  Michael certainly has left his mark.  Actually, I’m currently getting the fuzzy notion to create a Channel 101 skit where a couple of guys with a time machine 100 years from now come up with a plan to assassinate MJ right after the moment of his prime.  Just wipe away all the badness.  Hmm….  Maybe they could go on to do the same to others (like Elvis) or save those that went too early (like Hendrix or Joplin).

  • .alphamonkey.

    Ah, but what moment would constitute ‘too early’?  Is it better for a musician to die early at their peak, thereby eliminating the option of proceeding upon that slow sure road to suckdom, or should all greatness be allowed to eventually denigrate to mediocrity?

  • Gray Ghost

    Whoa whoa whoa….!

    WTF!?  That is way to awesome!

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