Gore Must Be Doing Something Right…

by alphamonkey on August 4, 2006 · 5 comments

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‘cause he’s pissing off the right people.  I’ve been sent this anti-Gore parody clip a couple of times now, and I always resisted posting it.  Mostly because it’s simply not funny, but also because the quality of it struck me as a little fishy (ba-dum-dum!).  Rather than addressing any specific points Gore makes with An Inconvienent Truth, the ad simply aims to mock Gore himself.  To me, that just reeked of political machinations.

Lest you think I’m just being a big conspiracy nut, notorious liberal mouthpiece The Wall Street Journal confirmed my suspicions with this article, that tracked the creator back to “DCI Group, a Washington, D.C., public relations and lobbying firm whose clients include oil company Exxon Mobil Corp.” Classy, huh? Because we all know that Exxon Mobil (they of the first and second highest quarterly profits in human history) would never attack the science of climate change through either respectable or disreputable means, right?

We’ve reached the age where both Wikipedia and YouTube are now battlegrounds in the political arena.  Pathetic does not begin to describe the situation.

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  • Bear

    Wotta great parody.  I’m glad someone is finally sticking it to Gore and his damn hypnotic umbrella. 

    Woo!  Bush in ‘08!

  • Knifey

    Please tell me you’re joking, Bear. There’s nothing redeeming about Bush.

  • Bear

    Oh, no sir!  I’m completely fucking serious about voting the Bush ticket in 2008.

    Four more years!  Four more years!

    (Are you at all familiar with the U.S. Constitution, Knifey?  I mean, I know that you may not be an American.  If y’are, however, you need to get your sarcasmeter recalibrated.)

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    You’re very angry.

  • Bear

    Yeah, like Bill Bixby said.  I guess you wouldn’t ever like me.

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