Gravitas Off!  Stephen Colbert v. Stone Phillips

by The Good Reverend on August 25, 2006 · 0 comments

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I’m a big fan of the Colbert Report, and the probably the funniest bit I’ve seen is the “Gravitas Off”.  Done on both his first and 100th episodes, Colbert invited Stone Phillips to the show to have a showdown of who could deliver ridiculous news segues with the most gravity.  Here’s the one from the first episode.

And it’s your lucky day!  Because today is Two-Fer-Thursday.. or Friday.. whatever day it is – I’m too lazy to move my mouse down to the bottom right to check the clock (I have one of those new 1700” monitors).  Anyway, over on DHADM I’ve posted the grudge match from the 100th episode.  It’s definitely worth the click over (unless you also have a 1700” monitor).

As a bonus, he/she who enters the funniest “gravitas headline” of their own in the Comments section will win a cash prize (consisting of all the money in my sofa cushions).

My housekeeper (lower right) checking her email on my computer.  Scrolling’s
a chore {ba-dum-bum!}.  This pic was in no way photoshopped.

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