Greenpeace Gets Personal

by alphamonkey on August 1, 2006 · 10 comments

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Ah, there’s nothing like class warfare to get a point across, eh Greenpeace? Ultimately ads like this one do nothing more than pander to and reinforce attitudes on both sides of the line, while doing nothing to further a cause.  Of course, in this case it’s a fairly accurate representation of existing mores and attitudes, but I still think it’s a cheap shot.  Way to take the low ground, Greenpeace. 

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  • musicgirl416

    I would prefer to hear the gem that is the Kings of Convenience in a less condemning ad.

  • waldogoesnuts

    ah the old “spit in the SUV guys coffee” what a classic.

  • noochienoochie

    Could it be that Greenpeace wanted to make those gas guzzlers aware that A LOT of people really DO judge them for unnecessarily driving SUVs? Maybe Greenpeace is trying to use those powerful mores to do the legwork for them. I’m not trying to defend them, as they can be a judgemental bunch themselves, but maybe they deserve the benefit of a doubt this time.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I don’t doubt that’s exactly what Greenpeace was trying to achieve, but I still hold that classism isn’t the way to do it.  Greenpeace doesn’t have enough credibility within the mainstream to really affect a frown campaign, and these kinds of efforts just come across as smug.

  • noochienoochie

    Yeah, I hear you on that front, and most definitely agree w/ you too. Just saying, Greenpeace shouldn’t be judged for a pure intention just b/c their public persona causes a different reaction by the mainstream.

  • noochienoochie

    But I will join you in judging them for their lack of understanding their own place in society.

  • Johnnyboy

    I didn’t think it was so bad. I mean, anything like this is going to preach to the converted anyway, right?

  • J Chrizzy

    Although Greenpeace is well over the top, I don’t find this piece any more inappropriate than the “Get Your Girl On” Hummer ads where a mother and child who are bullied in a playground recover from this humiliation by buying a ridiculously over sized vehicle.

    The Greenpeace spot is an example of preaching to the converted, but honestly I don’t know of anyone who’s ever had their mind changed by any ad – in regard to hot button issues.  These campaigns are probably more effective with younger viewers still making their minds up about the world. (ie. the TRUTH ads and their effect on future (non) smokers.)

  • LeatherSleeves

    Man that guy’s co-workers are major douchebags.

  • daemoneyes


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