How Are Crayons Made?

by alphamonkey on August 14, 2006 · 5 comments

in Short Film,Uncategorized

It’s time to leave aside obesity, violence, and console rivalry to tackle a much more important issue:  How are Crayons made?  Thankfully, Seasame Street has the answer. 

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  • Big Perm

    I particularly love the “life lessons” that Sesame Street has inadvertantly taught us:

    1) That once you become retirement age you don’t actually retire, you become an indentured servant inside a factory.

    2) How “pharmeceutical companies” and “doctors” lie to us telling us that we “need” to wear NIOSH air respirators.  What a bunch of baloney, who cares if the geriatric dies in another 18 months of rainbow lung, he had fun didn’t he?!

    3) Assembly lines and manufacturing plants are fun places!  Let’s all pile down the the WASP dominated textile industry now and seek gainful employment, ALL RIGHT!!!

  • .alphamonkey.

    Methinks you’re reading a bit too much into that.

  • Big Perm

    Well I was being facetious but perhaps you’re right.

  • TooFarGone

    what’s the deal with crayons anyway? they all taste the same….=\

  • Boss Robot

    You guys are such a buzzkill. The video made the crayon factory a magical place. A little too much orange but still magical.

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