It’s An Animation Goldmine!

by alphamonkey on August 4, 2006 · 6 comments

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The National Film Board of Canada has made a massive collection of animated short films available on their website.

The image merely reflects my response to the find. 

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  • tragus

    OMFG, this is heaven for me. Norman McLaren is a God; I’ve been in awe of everything he’s done for forever. AND, this site has one of my all-time favorites: The Big Snit by Richard Condie. When I was young, I had fantasies of growing up, running away, and joining the geniuses at the NFB. I haven’t done any of those three, but I still love the NFB films. Thanks, alphamonkey, but totally making my week.

  • .alphamonkey.

    More than happy to oblige. I’m glad someone else gets the same enjoyment from it that I did.

  • manumis

    Alpha or anyone – I vaguely remember an animation short which I think was Canadian and it’s based on a piano player writing a song for his love but he’s suffering from writers bloc.  The only thing I remember from the short is the line, “My love for you is like an undefineable gunky goo”.  I think the whole premise was he had to rhyme something with “My love for you”.  Please please help

  • murray

    It’s called “Getting Started”, and it’s also by Richard Condie. I can’t find a clip of it anywhere, unfortunately…

  • manumis

    Murray I effing love you – Thanks so much – Alpha’s post brought back “The Cat came back” and “Getting Started” has been on my mind for about 3 years with numerous google searches yielding nothing.  RTE (Ireland’s national station) broadcast these back in the day and they made a lasting impression.  I can order the dvd for “Getting Started” for $20 from which I will do.

  • murray

    No prob. You can also find it on a DVD compilation of NFB cartoons hosted by leonard maltin. I’ve seen it a few times (it’s also on amazon) and I’ve been very tempted to pick it up.

    The main NFB public archive buidings is around the corner from my office. I’ll probably make a visit this week grin

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