Pseudo 3D with Stereoscopy!

by PesterTheJester on August 3, 2006 · 1 comment

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Welcome to – The World of 3D-Imaging, your one stop information source about the fascinating world of 3D Photography (Stereo Photography) and all other aspects of 3D (“stereoscopic”) imaging.

Perspective is often confused with 3D – which is not quite true, because the third dimension (Depth) is only “simulated”. Therefore, 2½D would be a more appropriate expression. Stereoscopic imaging (or “real 3D”), however, requires a minimum of two pictures, simulating our two eyes. This can either be accomplished by using traditional photography (stereo photography), computers (for example Virtual Reality) or Lasers (Holography).

3D-Images can either be displayed as stereo pairs in a 3D-viewer (for slides or prints), or on a computer screen. Other formats include anaglyph pictures (requiring red-green or red-blue 3D-Glasses) and digital stereo projection (either with “passsive” polarized 3D glasses or with “active” LCD Shutter glasses).

Take the image above and cross your eyes to view a 3D image in between!  Check out the gallery here

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  • Boss Robot

    I think you forgot to mention that one of the images is NSFW! Though I did enjoy viewing it(I’m such a dude)

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