The Wilhelm Scream Compilation

by alphamonkey on August 15, 2006 · 4 comments

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Today we’ll spend some time with another kind of art, specifically those beautiful masters of foley and sound editing.  Take a trip through cinematic history and learn the story of the Wilhelm Scream, which to nerds like myself is as recognizable as the Happy Birthday song.  Thankfully, you can update your education via this handy compilation clip that collects a goodly sample of the Wilhelm’s ubiquitous presence in modern film.  You’ll notice that George Lucas seems rather obsessed with the sound.  It’s enough to make you think that everyone in his movies is a clone. 

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  • tragus

    Great, I’ll forever notice this in future movies. Just like the spots in the upper right frame of movies that signal the projector to go on to the next reel…

  • .alphamonkey.

    The sleeper has awakened!

  • Your Good Twin

    Hell, I thought this would be about this one overexaggerated scream I’ve been hearing for years.  The “YEEEEAAAAAAAAARRGGGGGG!!!” I wonder if anyone else knows what I’m talking about.  It always sounds really out of place and unrealistic but I’ve heard it a billion times.  And I always think “Is it so goddamned hard to foley up some new screams?  IT’S THE HUMAN VOICE!  THIS IS NOT A HARD SOUND EFFECT TO GET A HOLD OF!” I’m sorry, it’s a minor thing but it pisses me off.

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